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Spring time-old man: 2m41sec - 2016 (English subtitles)

Hoji Tsuchiya

Cut Out

Bande-annonce / Trailer


Music video: music by Uri Nakayama.

Frankfurter Str. 99A: 5m05sec - 2016 (no dialogue)

Evgenia Gostrer


Bande-annonce / Trailer


A garbage man on his daily routine. A cat on her stray throught the streets. A meeting during the lunch break.


Old man and the bird: 7m13sec - 2015 (no dialogue)

Dennis Stein-Schomburg

Live Action / Stop-Motion


Snowflakes drift through the forest. An old man lives alone in a remote hut. When a robin flies against his window and falls to the ground. The old man moves outside to help. Out in the deep snow his strength begins to fail him and he stays unable to move. Life radiates in luminous colours and returns to the old man’s hut. As it used to. Or is this just one last memory?

Carte blanche to Sticky Frames

Saturday, September 16, 4:30 PM

Lupi: 2m 28sec - 2014 (no dialogue)

Eeva Ojanperä,

Stop-Motion / Cut-Out / Pixilation / Timelapse


Artificial things made of paper mingle with the real world. As the seasons change, so do the "outside-duties" of flowers, seeds, beans and a dog.

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Dying in the Garden: 2m11sec - 2014 (O.V. in English)

Christine Gensheimer

Cut Out


Music video:  music by Sean Armstrong

Sprößling (Offspring): 8m30sec - 2006 (no dialogue)

Anne Breymann

Sop Motion / Puppets


The story of a woman who grows her ideal child in a flower pot, with unexpected side effects...

Clock: 30sec - 2015 (no dialogue)

Christine Gensheimer

Cut Out


AYNY - The second eye: 10m52sec - 2016 (English subtitles)

Ahmad Saleh

Sop Motion / Life Action

Bande-annonce / Trailer


Two young boys run away from their mother’s protection and slackline on the danger of war to play music with their dream instrument.

PINK CUTS PINK: 1m54sec - 2016 (no dialogue)

Alma W. Bär

Drawn animation / stop motion / rotoscopy / live action


A girl is stuck in a loop of opressive hair-combing. Finally she breaks through her own passivity. But where to? Drawn animation meets claymation meets live action.

Tracing Coyotes – A dog crosses my way: 3m30sec - 2016  (no dialogue)

Theresa Grysczok, Eeva Ojanperä


Bande-annonce / Trailer


"Tracing Coyotes“ is an attempt to resize the space between dogs and humans. We're looking through abstractions, textures, language and gestures to find ways to connect, finding observing eyes and dare interpretation.

Duration: 66 minutes


Thanks to the support of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Montreal, Theresa Grysczok will join us in person to present her Carte blanche program, selected specially for the Festival. A graduate of the Kassel School of Fine Arts, Theresa is a director at the heart of the Sticky Frames collective in Kassel, Germany, which brings together young professional artists who specialize in animation. Discover a unique program in a blend of contemporary works by German artists!s.


* Some movies may not be suitable for young children.

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The Queen and the Knight: 6m12sec - 2015 (O.V. in English)

Marcus Grysczokin


Music video for Bernhard Eder


A queen and a knight meet each other by chance. They swap their gender rolls and reveal controlling circumstances.

006_pink cuts pink 002_old man and the bird 003_dying in the garden 004_sproessling 005_clock 006_ayny 001_lupi 008_tracing coyotes 009_frankfurterstr99a 010_spring old man 012_queenand the knight 013_the other day (or was it night)

The other day (or was it night?): 3m56sec - 2015 (no dialogue)

Chistine Gensheimer

Cut Out


Music video:  music by Sean Armstrong.

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Sog: 10m14sec - 2017 (no dialogue)

Jonatan Schwenk

Puppet animation, 2D, 3D & video

Bande-annonce / Trailer


After a flood, some fish got stuck in old trees. In danger of drying-out they scream sharply. Woken up by the noise, the inhabitants of a nearby cave don't feel happy about the unintended gathering.

vimeo-iphone_02 Sog_resized