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Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema investigates and develops cinema as a means of artistic expression. Its programs aim to graduate filmmakers, film animators, and scholars who have a rich appreciation of the artistic and cultural potential of the medium, and also of its history and traditions. Students are exposed to the possibilities of both digital and analog technologies, and the School’s scholarly and artistic community celebrates its celluloid heritage and participates in the construction of the cinema of the future.


School programs -always evolving- embrace diversity, both in artistic formats and in the cultural values espoused through the study, creation, and dissemination of the cinema. The School's mission is inseparable from its commitment to the relevance and responsibility of its activities to the community, understood as being rooted here in Montreal and Quebec, throughout Canada, and internationally

Thank you to our partners and sponsors

We would like to thank our generous sponsors for their support in the 9th edition of the Festival Stop Motion Montreal. We are very pleased to announce the names of our new partners, as well as our loyal supporters who have been with us from the start of this wonderful adventure!


On behalf of the entire Festival Stop Motion Montreal team and all festival-goers taking part in the 2017 edition activities; we thank you enormously!

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Cultural and Media Partners

Cultural Partners  - Festivals

FIFEM : The Montreal International Children’s Film Festival takes place annually over the school winter break season. On top of their special activities offered throughout the year, FIFEM presents a 10 day long feast of short and feature film screenings, as well as episodes from live action and animated television series from over 30 countries worldwide. As they approach their 20th edition in 2017, stay tune!

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Métaux Solutions is a service company specializing in the distribution of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and industrial plastics.  In operation since 1995, the company meets the needs for metal repair, servicing, and maintenance for business sectors where product reliability and delivery times are critical.


Offering its customers welcoming stores, knowledgeable and friendly staff, a wide range of metal products, and high quality services, Métaux Solutions has earned an enviable reputation in the industry.  By providing its customers with quality products, reliable service, and fast delivery, Métaux Solutions will continue to support all the artists and industries it serves.


SIAL’s mission is to meet all our customers requirements. We are a manufacturer of clays, glazes, sculpting stone, temperas and electrical kiln parts. Also, we are distributors of complete product lines for pottery, ceramics, sculpture, molding, casting, Professionnal Make-up and Special Effects - FX. We continually add new products as to remain in the forefront of new trends and techniques.


SIAL’s expert staff has been trained to advise you on all our products, so that you may realize all your projects from the simplest to the most complex.

March 2018

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Qui fait Quoi est une maison d’édition indépendante spécialisée depuis 1983 dans la publication d’informations destinées aux professionnels et aux entreprises des industries de l'image et du son. Ses publications les plus connues sont le Guide annuel, la revue mensuelle Qui fait Quoi, Le Quotidien et le site Web www.qfq.com.


Le site www.qfq.com est la plus importante base de données des industries culturelles québécoises. On y retrouve le répertoire des entreprises et des professionnels, un calendrier des événements, un

guide quotidien de la production, les articles parus dans la revue mensuelle et les informations publiées dans Le Quotidien. Une partie de son contenu est réservée aux abonnés.

Depuis 1994, Le Lien MULTIMÉDIA suit l'évolution de l'industrie du numérique au Québec grâce à un portail d'information actualisé en continu, www.lienmultimedia.com, un bulletin quotidien et hebdomadaire par courriel, des guides spécialisés sur l'industrie du jeux vidéo, du mobile, du Web, etc., des webinaires et entrevues exclusives en vidéo ainsi qu'un magazine mensuel numérique nommé CONVERGENCE publié 12 fois par année. Les contenus et publication du Lien MULTIMÉDIA, le seul média professionnel à couvrir l’industrie du numérique sur une base quotidienne, grâce au travail acharné d’une équipe de journalistes sur le terrain, sont accessibles en

ligne, par abonnement.

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Casteliers is an organization that specializes in theatre puppetry arts and presents year-round puppet shows of traditional or contemporary forms. They also organize an annual festival that takes place over the spring break. This year, the 12th edition of the Casteliers Festival will take place from March 8th to 12th and will feature numerous puppet shows for adults as well as children from Russia, Slovenia, France, The United States, Alberta and Quebec.

March 8th to 12th,  2017


Stop Motion Barcelona Short Film Festival was created by  La Academia de Animación in Barcelona. It is dedicated exclusively to the world of stop motion animation and its first edition was held June 26th, 2016. During  that day, a short film competition was presented and a stop motion workshop for kids and families was given by El Bombeto, an itinerant animation and film workshop company.

June 29 to July 1st, 2017

Main Film is a center for artists founded in 1982, whose mandate is to support independent filmmakers in finding their artistic voices and cinematographic visions through practice and artistic enrichment, whatever the experience level, chosen medium, technique, or context of distribution. Through their various activities offered, Main Film aims to accompany filmmakers in defining themselves as artists and to encourage the emergence of new cinematographic voices.


For this, we operate on two complementary levels and propose to filmmakers:


- to free themselves from material and financial constraints, which limit creativity, the creation itself and practice


- to enrich themselves artistically alongside recognized artists and facilitate entry into their field

We offer our material resources and contacts, as well as a space dedicated to creation and a friendly atmosphere.


The accompanied artist is able to improve their practice, refine their auteur filmmaking vision, experiment and explore their craft. We wish to aid in the emergence of filmmakers with a unique artistic style and approach, in enriching, renewing and diversifying the cultural landscape through strong and bold works.

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animation-festivals.com aims to provide the international animation community with a continuously updated directory of festival listings; specialising in festivals that are exclusive to animation, or film festivals with a dedicated animation category. The website is completely free to use.


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