Request for authorization to use your film:


Our Special Programs will be enhanced and updated over the years as the submissions received at each edition will feed our film archive. We ask for your permission during the film submission process in order to organize future presentations of your work as part of film exchange programs held through partnerships between Festival Stop Motion Montréal and other international festivals and cultural events .


In authorizing Festival Stop Motion Montréal to broadcast your work in its special programs, you agree to the following terms and conditions :


1. Festival Stop Motion Montréal will present the films chosen for its special programs at national or international events to promote artists' works, stop motion animation techniques and Festival Stop Motion Montréal activities for the years mentioned in the application form.


2. Festival Stop Motion Montréal will use images of the films selected for the special programs and any other promotional materials that have been submitted during the 2021 call for entries, to promote the Festival's activities and programs for the above-mentioned years in the application form.

In return, Festival Stop Motion Montréal is committed to :


- Inform all artists whose works have been selected for a special program by specifying the names of the events to which the film will take part. The venues and dates of these events will also be communicated to these artists within a reasonable time frame.


- The attendance number, as well as the specific time slots your film could be presented, will be communicated to you only upon request.


- Festival Stop Motion  Montréal does not currently receive any funding for the organization of these events. There are therefore no plans to provide screening fees for the implementation of these programs. In the event that our program exchanges or grants allow us to raise funds to allocate screening fees to artists, an amount may be given to creators for the distribution of their works. The filmmakers will then be notified.


If you have any questions about our special programs, please contact our team at:  [email protected]

Intro :


Festival Stop Motion Montréal wishes to continue and grow its film program exchanges and circulation of special programs through partnerships with other stop motion festivals and cultural events worldwide for years to come.


This is a great opportunity for your work to be shown at new venues, to further promote and spread the love for stop motion animation across the globe, and to make your fascinating work more widely known to a larger public.


Among the available programs :


Program - Canadian films (2009-2021 Submissions)

Program - Canadian independent films (2009-2021 Submissions)

Program - ‘The Best of Festival Stop Motion Montréal’ (2009-2021 Award winners)

Program - Youth Film Program (no dialogue or in French) - on tour - (2021 Submissions - 60 min)

Program - Youth Film Program (no dialogue or in French) - on tour - (2009-2021 Submissions - 60 min)

Program - The Discovery Program (on tour) (2021 Submissions - 60 or 75 min)                              

Program - The Discovery Program (on tour) (2009-2021 Submissions - 60 or 75 min)



* The ‘Discovery’ programs are intended for a general audience. However, we recommend them for children aged eight and over (films without dialogue).

Special Programs

Submission Form 2021 Rules and Regulations
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