In submitting their application, the director of the film, or any other person holding the rights to the project, certifies that they hold the following authorizations :


The use of images and archive videos included in the film


The use of images and non-public domain video content embedded in the film


The use of all songs and musical excerpts in the film (whether diegetic or non diegetic)


The use of all sound effects contained in the film


In submitting their application, the director of the film, or any other person holding the rights to the project, authorizes Festival Stop Motion Montreal to use the promotional material provided with the submission of the film. He or she also authorizes the Festival to use a short clip (either 20% of the length of the film or less than 30 seconds) for promotional purposes.


The film clips may also be made part of a compilation that serves as a promotional festival trailer for broadcast on the Internet, on television or during events in partnership with Festival Stop Motion Montreal. Images of frames from the film may be used for promotional purposes on the Internet, that is to say on the official Festival website and those of the events in partnership with the Festival, as well as on affiliated social networks. These images can also be used for promotional purposes on all types of printed materials of the Festival and those of the events in partnership with Festival Stop Motion Montreal.


Films submitted to the Festival will not be distributed or offered on the Internet in their entirety without prior authorization. * Visit the Special Programs section for details on the distribution and promotion of films at Festival partnership events.


It is understood that Festival Stop Motion Montreal is organized and operated in good faith. Should any questions or problems arise in connection with the above regulations, the Festival can not be held responsible for them. We invite you to contact our team at any time if you wish to share a comment on this subject.


Are you ready to participate in Festival Stop Motion Montreal?


Fill out the online entry form and send us your film!


For any questions, write to us at : entries@stopmotionmontreal.com

Submission Requirements


Technical specifications


To maximize the quality of the screening experience in the theatre, films must be submitted in the following formats :


Format : .mov

Codec : Prores 422 (standard or HQ)

Resolution : 2K (2048x1080) or HDTV (1920x1080)

Audio : 24bit LPCM - 48kHz 2 channel (L-R) ou 6 channel SMPTE (L-R-C-LFE-Ls-Rs)


For films produced in a language other than french or english, the Festival must be provided with a copy of the film having french or english subtitles, otherwise your application will not be considered eligible.


Also accepted are the following formats:


- QuickTime or MP4 (codec H.264)

- AVI (codec DivX or Xvid)


     Bitrate :


          10 000 kb/s to 20 000 kb/s for 1080 p films

          5 000k b/s to 10 000 kb/s for 720 p films


     Sound :


          44kHz or 48KHz. AAC/LC codec preferred.



Entry forms, films and all required material must be submitted to the following address : entries@stopmotionmotreal.com 


Use the file transfer website of your choice, such as WeTransfer, DropJar or DropBox.


Each film must be accompanied by a copy of the completed entry form from the Festival website. In addition, please include the following documents for promotional purposes:


-The director’s biography (60 words or less)

-The director’s filmography

-1 photo of the director

- 2 HD images from the film

-Trailer, if available.


A film can be submitted to one of three following categories :


Professional Films : Films, television shows and ads produced with private funding. A producer who is not the director of the project is involved in editorial and creative decisions. The director of the project does not have full creative control of their work.


Independent Films : Films produced in an independent setting with or without financial assistance. The director is the person who initiated the project and is the driving force behind it. They have full creative control of their work.


Academic Films : Films made in school, as part of a course or a workshop

Festival Details



- There are no fees associated with submitting a film. Entry is free.


- The ninth edition of the Festival will take place September 15th, 16th & 17th, 2017.


- The Festival must receive submissions by no later than June 30th, 2017 at 11:59PM [Eastern Time Zone (EST).]


- Only films produced after January 1st, 2015 are eligible for selection


- Only films less than 30 minutes, using stop motion animation and pixilation techniques will be considered.



Definition :


The movement of three-dimensional objects animated frame by frame defines stop motion.


Pixilation is defined as a stop motion technique using persons to create animation frame by frame.


For films using a variety of techniques, a minimum content of 75% stop motion animation or pixilation is required in order to be considered eligible.



Ineligible techniques :


Cut-out animation, time lapse photography videos (videos created through the photographing of live-action movement at scheduled or sporadic intervals) and videos made through editing live-action footage to produce a "stop motion" effect are not eligible for the Festival.

Rules and Regulations

Film Selection


All films submitted will go through a selection process. A selection committee, who will choose the works to be screened at the Festival, will view all entries received. All decisions made by the committee are final.


For the short film competition, a panel composed of 3 official jurors (members of the film and television industry) will select a single winner in each of the three official Festival categories.


The winner of each category will be receive a stop motion ball and socket armature trophy, known as the “Little Henry”. All decisions made by the jury are final.


A public choice award, in the shape and design of our famous stop motion stop sign, will be awarded to the film with the highest number of votes from the audience.

Submission Form - Not available
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