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The Festival also offers presentations led by professionals working in the stop motion field. These master classes give festival-goers an insight into the challenges faced by the artists and their processes. It also provides a better understanding of how different stop motion films are made. During the last six years, we have had the opportunity to meet such renowned directors as Patick Bouchard, Henry Selick, Barry J.C. Purves, and Patrick Boivin. We have also had specialists in puppets manufacturing and animation software as well as other professionals working in a variety of studios from around the world.  

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Érik Goulet, Canada (Qc) - Wormy: 10 years already!


Patrick Bouchard, Canada (Qc) - Dehors Novembre, ONF - 2005

Barry Purves, United Kingdom – Master Class - Retrospective


Patrick Boivin, Canada (Qc) - Master Class - Retrospective


Patrick Peris and his team, Canada (Qc) - Behind the scenes of Baghead Family produced by Maisonnette (2010). World premiere screening.

Peter Saunders, United Kingdom  - Master Class on Mackinnon & Saunders


Paul Howell, AustraliaProduct demonstration of Stop Motion Pro and productions


Stop Motion at the Oscars with Co Hoedeman (Canada,Qc)Special screening  

Mark Shapiro, United States – Behind the scenes of LAIKA’s ParaNorman - 2012  


Chris Walsh, Canada (On) - Retrospective


- Teacher at Sheridan College and independent filmmaker. Co-fonder or Mad Lab productions and the Burlington Animation Film Festival (BAF), Ontario  


Merlin Crossingham, United Kingdom - Retrospective on Aardmans Studio – Wallace and Gromit

Henry Selick & Anthony Scott, United States – 20th anniversary Nightmare Before Christmas  


- Projection and Q&A with the director and an animator


Joe and Joan Clokey, United States - Retrospective on Gumby and other productions of Art Clokey


Jamie Caliri, United StatesRetrospective of his work with a technical presentation of DragonFrame

Alex Kamer, United States – Special Presentation – Behind the scene of Robot Chicken


Georgina Hayns, United States – Behind the scenes of LAIKA’s The Boxtrolls - 2014

We invite you to watch our photo albums which provide a glimpse of the many guests who visited us since 2009!

Other activities

PES, United-States - Retrospective  


Cordell Barker and his team, Canada (Ab, Qc) - Behind the scenes of If I Was God... produced by the NFB - 2014. Special screening using stereoscopic 3D technology.


Alexander Juhasz, Corinne Merrell, Dale Hayward, Sylvie Trouvé and Érik Goulet, USA -Canada (Qc)


Behind the scenes of The Little Prince 2015. Fives guest artists from the production team that worked in the stop motion depatment in Montreal.


Laurie Sitzia, United Kingdom - Behind the scenes of Shaun the sheep: the movie, from Aardman Animation - 2015.

2015 social_03 social_07 youtube-5-xxl Fr

Clyde Henry Productions, Canada (Qc) - Retrospective  


Mark Shapiro United-States - Behind the scenes of LAIKA's  Kubo and the Two Strings - 2016


Katarzyna Gromadzka, Poland - Special presentation about MOMAKIN's ''Polish Quality'' project


Alexandra Lemay, Canada (Qc) - Behind the scenes of Freaks of Nurture, currently in production at the NFB


Eva Cvijanović, Canada (Qc) - Behind the scenes of Hedgehoge Home, co-produced by the NFB


Kathi Zung, États-Unis - Masterclass on puppet and mold making

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