Nevada: 13m16sec (V.O. en anglais)

Emily Ann Hoffman 

États-Unis / USA (2017)

Première canadienne / Canadian premiere

Une histoire de la tulipe /

A History of the Tulip: 5m22sec (V.O. en français, sous-titres en anglais)


Canada (2017)

Première mondiale / World Premiere

Compétition des films indépendants II - Samedi, 16 septembre 14h30

The Story of Percival Pilts: 8m (V.O. en anglais)

Janette Goodey & John Lewis

Australie / Australia (2015)

Première québécoise / Quebec premiere

Bande-annonce / Trailer

While playing on stilts, young Percival Pilts vows "Never again shall my feet touch the ground!" Compelled ever higher, he builds his stilts so tall that he no longer fits into normal society.


A whimsical story about the challenges and charms of living an impractical life.

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"Get Consent" Animation Campaign: 1m10sec (sans dialogues)

Daniel Sterlin-Altman, Lori Malépart-Traversy

Canada (2016)

Vidéos commandées par le Sexual Assault Resource Centre de l'Université Concordia, faisant partie d'une campagne de sensibilisation aux agressions sexuelles.

Look at Me Only: 7m (sans dialogues)

Tomoki Misato 

Japon / Japan (2016)

Première nord-américaine / North american premiere

Bande-annonce / Trailer

Having forgotten exciting feelings of the early days of the relationship, the man drifts along petting his guinea pig. One day he meets a beauty of flower who appreciates the pet.


La chute de Constantinople, la première bulle spéculative, la deuxième guerre mondiale: la tulipe a souvent participé à l'Histoire!

A young couple's romantic weekend getaway is interrupted by a birth control mishap.

Hoze Naghashi / Polychrome: 2m18sec (sans dialogues)

Negareh Halimi & Amin Malekian 

Iran (2017)

Première canadienne / Canadian premiere

Une experimentation plastique et musicale

Cel Mai Bun Client / The Best Customer: 12m (V.O. en anglais)

Serghei Chiviriga 

Roumanie / Romania (2017)

Première nord-américaine / North american premiere

The Kruchowsky family owns a funeral home. One day, an old man orders twelve funerary wreaths with sympathy messages for many relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Kruchowsky become suspicious and start to investigate this potential cold blooded assassin.

Cenizas / Ashes: 4m (sans dialogues)

Luciana Digiglio

Argentine / Argentina (2017)

Première nord-américaine / North american premiere

Bande-annonce / Trailer 

Axel is a quiet and relaxed young man who usually spends his time enjoying the outdoors, but the sudden appearance of a mysterious clock will be the starting point of a destructive race.

Slovo / Farewell: 5m51sec (sans dialogues)

Leon Vidmar 

Slovénie / Slovenia (2016)

Première québécoise / Quebec premiere

Lovro sits in his bathtub. Looking sad, he stares at droplets dripping from the tap. Suddenly, the day he first went fishing with grandpa springs to life in his imagination, spilling over into reality.

Ewige Wiederkunft / Eternal Recurrence: 8m (sans dialogues)

Jörg Weidner

Allemagne / Germany (2016)

Première nord-américaine / North american premiere

After his death in the year 1900 the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche awakes in a hat shop. In his own memory he had been meant for a higher purpose. Yet his attempt to rise above his new fate fails miserably.

Barber'sCut: 2m24sec (sans dialogues)

Ediz Anavi

Turquie / Turkey (2017)

Première mondiale / World premiere

A man goes to a Barber Shop for a haircut and finds himself in a magical setting. Special equipment and bizarre hair growing techniques transform him into many different versions of himself.

Durée totale: 72 minutes

01_The Story of Perceval Pilts 02_Get Conscent 03_Look at Me Only vimeo-iphone_02 04_Une histoire de tulipe 05_Nevada 06_Polychome 07_The Best Customer vimeo-iphone_02 08_Ashes 09_Slovo_farewell

The Process: 1m25sec (sans dialogues)

Salman Sajun

Canada (2017)

Première mondiale / World premiere

So this is how it's done! The A-Z of creating a project with yours truly and my talented band of magicians. I wanted to show all the different steps involved in the creation process while adding an explosion of colour and wackiness to it all! And of course everything is shot in camera frame by frame with the magic of stop-motion!!

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