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Highlight 2017 - 9th edition

In keeping with Montreal being the city of summer festivals, the sun beamed its rays down brightly during the Festival weekend in the last edition held just one week before the official start of autumn. To our delight, many filmmakers from around the globe, film enthusiasts and other curious festivalgoers gathered to enjoy the 21 activities offered by the Festival this past September 15th, 16th and 17th.


The Festival team would like to first and foremost thank the public for coming out to the event. 1537 entries were recorded at our theater activities and networking events. We hope that your visit was most enjoyable and entertaining and that you will join us again next year to celebrate our 10th anniversary!











Highlights from our 9th edition included the professional sculpting and moldmaking workshop hosted by Kathi Zung and Laurent Canniccioni from September 12-14, the Q&A session with over 30 filmmakers during our Meet the Filmmakers event- and of course- all of your beautiful faces which motivate us year after year to continue this wonderful adventure!








































Retour 2017

Katarazyna (Kasia) Gromadzka inaugurated the opening night with a wonderful masterclass class presentation highlighting works from the talented Polish stop motion animation industry. What would a Stop Motion Montreal opening night be without a traditional cake and cocktail mingle afterwards?! Kasia did the honors of cutting the 9th edition cake and launched the Festival off to a fantastic start!

Festival highlight

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Photo credits : Alexis Mercille-Perrault, Pierre Perrault, Robert Tredicci, James G. Saunders, Erik Goulet & Shanna Segal

This year’s Meet the Filmmakers had the largest turnout of attending filmmakers in the history of this event and was a huge success! The creative minds and hands behind the films we were lucky to see on the big screen answered audience questions and divulged some behind the scenes info and tricks- we even had the chance to meet some of the beautifully crafted puppets from their films up close and personal!

Alexandra Lemay captivated our audience with a behind the scenes masterclass on the making of her new short film at the NFB, Freaks of Nurture. Alexandra showed us how she achieved some of the trickier shots in the film and described the process from preproduction to post of how the film came together. Following a Q&A session, while audience members were invited to see some of Alexandra’s puppets and props up close, the filmmakers mother who was in the audience- and who was the inspiration behind the film- graciously joined her daughter to pose for the camera while the duo held up the tiny puppet versions of themselves!

Thanks to the Consulate General to the Federal Republic of Germany in Montreal,  Theresa Grysczok was with us to present a Carte Blanche program from the collective Sticky Frames, which showcased an inspiring selection of German short films!We were also happy to have filmmaker Jonatan Schwenk with us, whose film Sog was presented in the program.

Kathi Zung’s puppet prowess shone through at her master class presentation where she talked about her career in sculpting, molding and casting for stop motion animation puppets. She took us through the development of work at her studio over the years, which she shares with brother Patrick, and discussed how their their puppet powers were repeatedly put the test and touched upon obstacles they overcame on order to keep up with the demands of the ever-evolving puppet fabrication world. She brought along a variety of samples from past projects for us to look  at up close and drool over, from foam latex and silicon puppets to molds, armatures and more!

Following an infusion of puppet power from Kathi Zung’s master class, we had a great time letting loose and celebrating our love for stop motion while networking at the Saturday Night Festival Party at Reggie’s!

Eva Cvijanovic took us behind the scenes of her new film Hedgehog's Home, produced with the NFB and Bonobo Studio. Eva delighted us with production photos, exclusive inside scoop and brought along a bunch of beautiful puppets from the film for us to check out!

We would also like to thank all of the filmmakers who traveled from near and far to be with us, all of the masterclass special guest speakers, special presentation and carte blanche program guests, as well as the jury members who were all very gracious with the audience that was thrilled to meet them.

We sincerely thank the many volunteers who helped to keep all of the activities running smoothly and once again highlight the valued participation of our very dear partners and sponsors, without whom this last edition would not have been made possible.

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