Maisha: 2m15sec - 2015 (no dialogue)

Monika Baudisova, Josep Joan Bertran, Adrian Carande, Marta Casanovas,

Nicolas Luque, Constantinos Michaelides, Asuncion Munoz, Mireia Palenzuela,

Mariana Pantoja & Diego Rosenfeld


Puppet animation, replacement animation & paper animation


A woman wakes up in a desert. She does not know what happened, everything around seems dead. Soon she discovers that has incredible power .


Making of




La Grieta: 3m47sec - 2016 (no dialogue)

Andrea de la Torre, Carlos Villarreal, Cintia Rodriguez Veuthey, Fabrizio Desideri,

Helena Gardia Ulldemolins, Ivan Albacete, Julio Lorenzo, Laura Carranza,

Marina Soteras Fradera, Mario Gonzalez, Nuria Anguren, Paula Trolliet  


Puppet animation


A child lives in a terrible routine until one day, he finds a way to escape. The world will never be what it once was.

Nahual: 1m10sec - 2013 (no dialogue)

Sebastian Arcidiacoro, Mili Bisso, Alberto Gajardo, Josué Nunez & Daniela Testori


Pixilation & paper animation


Short film made by students in their second course at the Academy.


Making of


Sunday, September 17, 2:30 PM

Té de manzana: 1m 25sec - 2013 (no dialogue)

Claudio Abdour, Nicolas Janson, Patricia Lucho, Sol Prado, Joaco Szajbely,

Caulitos Soriano, Varouski Velarde, Julian Villanueva, Paola Bellato & Marina Villordo


Pixilation & replacement animation


The first short film made by the students of the Academy, using cardboard and colored paper.


Making of

social_03 social_07 youtube-5-xxl

Bailongo: 2m39sec - 2014 (no dialogue)

Leonardo Avilés, Matias Pallone, Andrea Carbonatto, Melena Tagliaferro,

Denise Umaschi, Zaida Mazzitelli, Myriam Di   Carlo, Fernando Meas,

Gustavo Ponce, Safia Ugarte, Gala Moser & Isabel Estruch


Replacement animation, puppet animation & claymation


During an intensive two week production of this final project, several materials were used by students to make the six characters in their third short film.



Making of

Experimotion: 2m05sec - 2014 (no dialogue)

Anna Luccia Chiarello, Andrea Lidia Godoy, Isabella de Oliveira, Mariana Higa, Paula Szerman, Sabrina Isa, Tomas Ruiz, Victoria Barca, Violeta Fellay &Yohan Poissonneau


Puppet animation


The story of a woman who grows her ideal child in a flower pot, with unexpected side effects...


Making of

Azul: 3m53sec - 2015 (no dialogue)

Elena Antunez, Laila Aulet, Isabel Benavente, Alan Hernandez, Bruno Lopez, Ana Lucia Pinillos, Carme Montserrat, Pau Torrano & Steve Rice


Puppet animation


Students created a world made of various papers, fabrics and colors to tell the story of this short film.


Making of

Cazacerebros: 2m57sec - 2016 (no dialogue)

Breogan Sousa, Clara Farreres, Lilith Monzoncillo,

Natalia Menghini, Noemi Gutierrez & Oscar Ogalla


Puppet animation


A Cazacerebros alien falls on Earth at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

Duration: 60 minutes



In collaboration with the Stop Motion Barcelona Short Film Festival, we are pleased to present films made at La Academia de Animación in Barcelona since its creation in 2013. Discover a dozen short films without dialogue created using various stop motion techniques: puppet animation, replacement animation, pixilation and claymation. These films were made under the supervision of Lula Gomez and Jordi Piulachs, cofounders of the academy and the Stop Motion Barcelona SFF.

Instagramme logo maqueta_stop_motion_logo_OK_medusa_ok_blanco_y_neg

KINO : Defi stop motion


View the different projects that were made during Kino's stop motion challenge last month. The participants had fun creating short films of two minutes and less with the only other constraint of their usual motto: Do well with nothing, do better with little, and do it now!

KINO noir_fondtransparent 06_Maisha 03_Nahual 04_Bailongo 05_Experimotion 02_Te de manzana 07_Azul 08_Cazacerebros 09_La Grieta 10_Livin on a fly

Livin' on a fly: 2m18sec - 2016 (no dialogue)

Mia Font, Eva Huertas, Javier Marcos, Andy Martinez, Miguel Angel Parra,

Sergi Perpinya, Jordi Trilla  


Puppet animation


In 1963, a genetically modified fly escaped from a military laboratory. In the flight, it accidentally ended up inside a woman's mouth.


After ingesting the insect, her DNA suffered an alteration that turned her into Fly-Woman. Since then, she tries to hide her powers and keep an ordinary life, but it's not always easy.

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L.A.: 42sec - 2017 (no dialogue)

Christophe Carletti


Puppet animation


Un itinérant dans les rues de Los Angeles en une fin de journée ensoleillée

Un peu trop fard: 1m15sec - 2017 (no dialogue)

Audrey Guériguian & Sarah Huysecom



Libera nos a Malo: 2m05sec - 2017 (no dialogue)

Arielle Gloutnez


Papers animation


Un moment de répit après un état psychologique malsain.

Stop motion challenge selection

Kino archive selection

Déjà vu: 2m - 2016 (O.V. in French)

Nathalie Cusson


Objects and papers animation


Un film sur les hauts et le bas de l'hiver, tel qu'on le vit au Québec.

Sleepery Slope : 1m20sec - 2016 (no dialogue)

Sarah Huysecom & Aurore Paulin


Animation de papiers découpés et laines

Sitcom : 2m05sec - 2015 (V.O. en français)

Tiphaine DeReyer & Catherine Villeminot


Lorsqu'une blonde emménage, l'équilibre masculin de la pharmacie est perturbé.

004_screenshot_liberanos_resized 002_screenshot_Zoe_resized 003_Guériguian_Audrey-Un peu trop Fard 001_screenshot_LA_resized 006_Sleepery_Slope_Sarah_Huysecom_Aurore_Paulin 005_NathalieCusson_Deja_vu 007_DEFI-SITCOM-TIPHAINE-VILLEMINOT_V02