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Deco Spec was established in 1991 as a metal finishing company specializing in gold, silver, e-coat and decorative finishings.  A steady growth over the past 21 years has allowed Deco Spec to expand its facilities into an ultra modern metal finishing company that utilizing state of the art equipment for production.


Deco Spec has a dynamic competent staff and the management team has more than 50 years of experience and knowledge in different plating industries.

The mission at Deco Spec is to offer customers the quality and service they deserve.  


Deco Spec your source for quality metal finishing.

The Festival’s Award

Every year, the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival selects a winner in each of the 4 categories of competition: Academic, Independent, Professional Short and Professional Long.  The Award each winner receives is called “The Little Henry.”

“The Little Henry” is a ball and socket armature similar to the one first designed by Marcel Delgado for the production of King Kong in 1933. The principle is simple, yet very effective. Two steel balls are sandwiched between two plates which enables the rotation of parts along their axis.  This provides a liberty of movement to a skeletal structure. Even after nearly 80 years, the principle is still being used for the construction of characters from big animation studios.

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Erik Goulet, the Festival’s founder, has been constructing these armatures since 1988. When the idea of creating a film festival arose in 2009, it was clear to him that the award for such an event had to be a ball and socket armature.

We wish to extend our gratitude to our partners who, since the very first edition of the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival, have supported us in the construction of “The Little Henry” awards. Métaux Solution provides us with the raw steel material and Deco-Spec helps with the look and feel of the awards by nickel plating the armature parts.

Métaux Solutions is a service company specializing in the distribution of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and industrial plastics.  In operation since 1995, the company meets the needs for metal repair, servicing, and maintenance for business sectors where product reliability and delivery times are critical.


Offering its customers welcoming stores, knowledgeable and friendly staff, a wide range of metal products, and high quality services, Métaux Solutions has earned an enviable reputation in the industry.  By providing its customers with quality products, reliable service, and fast delivery, Métaux Solutions will continue to support all the artists and industries it serves.


Check out the recipients of our award "The Little Henry", since our first edition by clicking the - Laureats - button!

The Laureats

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