Whether you are producing your first film using your own resources, benefiting from your very first grant, or embarking on a major production, the rules of copyright remain the same. The responsibility is up to you and your team to get familiarized with them so that you don't inadvertently break the rules, or on the flip side; to protect your own intellectual property from less-than honest souls.


How are licenses obtained for the use of original music, archival images or how do we even verify the status of royalty-free material? How can we give the right credits and mentions to all of the project’s contributors without the risk of getting it wrong? What are our possible recourses in case of theft of our work?

...These are just some of the many (and necessary) questions that may frighten artists, but to which having the answers is imperative in order to respect the film production system and your own rights.


Vanessa will help to break down this overwhelming burden in presenting the concepts around copyright, pertaining more specifically to Canadian laws, as she highlights the main principles and exceptions that will give you a good foundation to continue pursuing your artistic practices. The unique world of stop motion animation will be explored in more precise depth and examples will be provided if applicable. Clear away the mystery and uncertainty and learn straight from this seasoned arts & entertainment world expert!


Conference presented in French, estimated duration of 60 minutes.

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Photo : Vanessa Loubineau

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Live on Zoom* and recorded video broadcasted on VUCAVU from Sept. 17-20.


Masterclass : Demystifying Copyright for Stop Motion

Presented by ARTeM, studio juridique, with the financial support of MEGA Construx.

Wednesday, Sept. 16th,1PM (presentation in French)

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Vanessa Loubineau is a member of the Quebec Bar Association and the Law Society of Paris. She has been practicing as a lawyer in the audiovisual, arts and cultural sector for more than 15 years. She is a member of ARTeM, a law firm established in Paris and Quebec, specializing in audiovisual, arts and cultural law.


ARTeM is a legal studio specializing in entertainment law that puts its experience at the service of creative entrepreneurs working in the fields of film, video games, television, music, entertainment, virtual reality, visual arts and any other artistic industry.

Vanessa Loubineau,

member of ARTeM, studio juridique (Mtl - Paris)

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