Discovery Program

Saturday, September 15: 11:30 AM| Sunday, September 16: 11:30 AM

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Theater 02: EV Room 1.615, EV building

(Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex)

Concordia University - 1515 St-Catherine West (Guy-Concordia metro station)

A Free special program offered to introduce our young audience members to the exciting world of stop motion animation. We also invite any members of the public who are curious to learn more about this unique style of animation and those who already love it to come enjoy a carefully crafted program that is sure to please all age groups. After all, there is no age limit in discovering the wonderful world of stop motion animation! The selected films will not have any dialogue as to better accommodate all ages and languages of audience members. A diverse selection of films will be presented, from auteur films and musicals to television series episodes. The films presented are a sample of those screened in all of our competitive programs.


Inseparable Girl and Cat are playing checkers. The cat loses over and over.

Birdlime is the name for a sticky substance spread on branches to trap wild birds intended for export. The film observes one bird who barely manages to escape this industry, yet remains trapped and surrounded by unfamiliar stimuli.



Duration : 30 min

6:1 - Sergei Ryabov, Russian Federation, 2018, 3m

Sergei Ryabov Studio, OV in Russian, English subtitles

Birdlime - Evan DeRushie, Canada, 2017, 11m

No dialogue

Welcome / Bienvenue - Laura Stewart, Canada, 2018, 2m 30s

No dialogue

Welcome is a stop motion animation about a man who tries to befriend his new neighbor by baking her cookies. It doesn’t go as planned...

Two Balloons / Deux ballons - Mark C. Smith, USA, 2017, 9m

No dialogue

Two adventurous lemurs navigate their dirigibles halfway around the world to a place where happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion.




Horizon - Amandine Senny, France, 2018, 3m 36s

No dialogue

A city is encircled by a gigantic wall. Deprived of horizon, the population lives a dull and monotonous oppression. A young woman decides to rebel. She struggles for hope to resume among her people.



Do Not Touch / Ne pas toucher! - Pavel Endrle, Czech Republic, 2017, 50s

Academy of Fine Arts In Łódź, No dialogue


Short puppet stop motion gag was made during study abroad in Lodz, Poland. It is the first puppet animation of the author.

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