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Opening night: Polish Quality - MOMAKIN

Friday, September 15, 7:30 PM

Concordia University, J.A. de Sève Theater,

The Festival is proud to welcome Katarzyna Gromadzka, one of the four creative members of the agency MOMAKIN in Poland. The group offers, among other things, representation and networking services for visual artists involved in the creation of sets, props and puppets for cinema and, of course, for stop motion animation projects. MOMAKIN is also behind the creation of Animarkt in Łódź, an event dedicated to popularizing emerging stop motion and puppet animation from Central and Eastern Europe.


Katarzyna Gromadzka has been wearing various hats since the beginning of her career. Sometimes as a coordinator, or an executive producer for film or television series, she also organizes various cultural events and coordinates cinematographic projects. She is currently the distribution manager and coordinator of international events and partnerships at MOMAKIN, including the Polish Quality project, which is being presented at various international festivals and markets in 2017. Following a visit to Mexico, Katarzyna will stop in Montreal to dazzle us with the expertise of Polish artists.


To learn more about the 'Polish Quality' project and discover their catalogue, click here.


To find out more about Animarkt, click here.


* This conference will be followed by an opening cocktail in the atrium of the Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex - EV Building, at 1515 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, where refreshments and desserts will be offered to the festival goers in attendance.

Katarzyna Gromadzka (Poland)

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Year after year, the number of Polish artists in international film production grows. Those who often remain in the shadows; writers, creators of sets, puppets, props, costumes and stage designers for numerously awarded animated films, documentaries and feature films including many film and television international co-productions, deserve special attention. This diverse group of artists, who are versatile, talented and passionate, care for the highest quality of their creations and work with great precision in making even the smallest details. Though the viewer never sees them on screen, their contribution is considerable in the success of these productions. We invite you to come and discover the expertise of Polish artists through the “Polish Quality“ project during a master class conference.

* Please note that this presentation will be held in English.


Get your ticket on site: J.A. de Sève Theater,

1453 Mackay Street, Montreal, H3G 1M8

Ticket: $10 / Adult   $ 5 / 12 and under


Photo credits: MOMAKIN

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