Saturday September 16, 7:30 PM

Concordia University, J.A. de Sève Theater, 1453 Mackay Street

Kathi has been fabricating models and puppets in the stop motion animation industry for nineteen years. Her career began at MTV Animation in New York City, creating up to forty foam latex puppets each week for the television series, ‘’Celebrity Deathmatch’’. Her works in foam latex and silicon have appeared in commercials and films for clients such as: Nike, HBO, Nickelodeon, Kmart, NBC, McDonald’s, Crunch Gyms, Pampers, Laika, and Premavision – the creators of Gumby. Kathi’s masterclass conference will focus on designing and building a mold for casting puppets. She will discuss the mechanics of moldmaking and armature construction, and bring a working knowledge of the old-school puppet fabrication techniques, as well as the newer materials and streamlined methods.


* Please note that this presentation will be held in English.


Get your ticket on site: J.A. de Sève Theater,

1453 Mackay Street, Montreal, H3G 1M8


Ticket: $10 / Adult    $ 5 / 12 and under


See also: Professional workshop held from Septerber 12 - 14, 2017

Kathi Zung (USA)

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Photos credits: Crunch Gyms Campaign, Kathi Zung

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